Sunday, October 07, 2007

Etsy Holiday Countdown #3: Cute Winter Scarves

Can you believe it's already time for scarves? Well, it is! I'm not sure you can wait until the holidays for these great winter scarves, but I'm sure your friends would love to see them under the tree!

How cute is this? A little giraffe in the pocket to check up on you! Get it at

Ninja scarf - hi-yaaaaa! Ok, clearly I like the cutesy applique scarf but I think scarves are just a great chance to be a little's like a smirk for your clothing. Plus I have this super sophisticated jacket - it needs something fun! Get this one at FortCloudy's Shop!

This is a pretty cool scarf - classy, simple, beautifully handmade. Knitting Guru's Shop.

Love the color! Loup Scarves.

Mmmmmm, very sophisticated! Oh, and made from a couple that breeds the alpacas themselves! How cool -

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