Monday, October 15, 2007

Cute Earrings and Necklaces - Linda Trent Jewelry

cute jewelry, cute earringscute jewelry, cute earringscute jewelry, cute earringscute jewelry, cute earrings

Ok, actually, these are just gorgeous and beautiful....forget cute. Linda Trent Jewelry on Etsy has amazingly classy jewelry with richly hued stones and most are in fashionable gold. Go check out this work immediately at Linda Trent Jewelry!

She's preggers - Cute Diaper Bags!

My sis-in-law is pregnant and I thought I'd start looking for some cute stuff! I know this baby is going to be the most fashionable, unique baby ever - not to mention the cutest - and I know they want everything they have to be from Etsy! Let's start with cute diaper bags!!

I think I found exactly what I could want at SwellByStephanie's Shop - All the bags are custom and she's got gorgeous fabrics and can come with a match changing pad. are a few and some of the fabric options!

cute diaper bagscute diaper bagscute diaper bags

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Etsy Holiday Countdown #6: Cute Cufflinks

Ok, I know people never actually wear cufflinks, but on the off chance that your man might, be sure that he has a super cute set of cufflinks - just don't tell him that they are cute. These unique ones from Etsy will be sure to make people notice your man! And, oh yeah, they are hilarious. Get them at inedible jewelry at
cute cufflinks

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cute Tumi Bag - A Girl Can Dream....Sigh

cute tumi, tumi laptop bagsWell, we know this is way beyond my budget, but I saw this cute Tumi bag, and I kinda love it...I think my laptop might even fit in it. It's way out of my league, but I still wanted to share because i heart this bag. I guess if it really did last a lifetime, it might just be worth it....:)

Chatham East (Dark Brown Leather Trim in Paisley) - $495

Love, love, love these cute bags

Oh, my - I am in hog heaven. Just need to save my pennies - definitely check out these cute handbags, purses, and clutches at The Madison Gre Collection!

Etsy Holiday Countdown #5 :Cute Stocking Stuffers less than $5

Here are some Cute Cheap Handmade and Homemade Stocking Stuffers for less than $5 a piece. Some of them are accessories, some of them are not:) Stay tuned for a posting of kids stocking stuffers too! A little bit random, but gives you an idea of what you can find on Etsy! Each item is followed by the store where you can get it....
cute stockings stuffers

pirate soap -

cute stockings stuffers
earrings -

cute stockings stuffers

lip balm

cute stockings stuffers pickle lip balm/usb drive holder -

cute stockings stuffers
hair ties -

Monday, October 08, 2007

Etsy Holiday Countdown #4: Cute iPod Cases - Cheap!

These just scream stocking stuffer! A cute, cheap iPod case makes a wonderful stocking stuffer while still being very practical, creative and unique. An mp3 case doesn't have to be boring or just like everyone elses, in fact ipodcases are really an expression of what's on the i Pod. And remember to be extra careful about what kind of iPod cases your recipient owns. While nano cases can be a little harder to come by, they are still out there. Don't forget about iPhone cases either! Ok, click on the pick to get to the Etsy Store and nab one for yourself!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Etsy Holiday Countdown #3: Cute Winter Scarves

Can you believe it's already time for scarves? Well, it is! I'm not sure you can wait until the holidays for these great winter scarves, but I'm sure your friends would love to see them under the tree!

How cute is this? A little giraffe in the pocket to check up on you! Get it at

Ninja scarf - hi-yaaaaa! Ok, clearly I like the cutesy applique scarf but I think scarves are just a great chance to be a little's like a smirk for your clothing. Plus I have this super sophisticated jacket - it needs something fun! Get this one at FortCloudy's Shop!

This is a pretty cool scarf - classy, simple, beautifully handmade. Knitting Guru's Shop.

Love the color! Loup Scarves.

Mmmmmm, very sophisticated! Oh, and made from a couple that breeds the alpacas themselves! How cool -

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Etsy Holiday Countdown #2: Cute Laptop Cases and Laptop Sleeves

Perhaps someone is getting a fancy new laptop?? Make sure they protect that laptop from dust, liquids, other random stuff that is in your bag, and from droppage. It'd would be amazing to get a laptop, but even better to get a super stylish laptop sleeve - everyone has a laptop...not everyone has a pretty one!

Italia Craft's store has amazing laptop cases like these:

etsy, laptop bags, laptop cases, laptop sleevesetsy, laptop bags, laptop cases, laptop sleevesetsy, laptop bags, laptop cases, laptop sleeves
Get these and more at!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Etsy Holiday Countdown #1: Cute Rings

cute rings, etsy rings, cute jewelry It's getting up to that glorious time of year (tongue firmly in cheek) - Holiday Shopping Season! I think I am going to do a little countdown with an item a day from Etsy - i'd love to see the wonderful artists on there thrive this season and hopefully I can help you find an item (or ten) to give to someone that is truly, truly creative and special and unique.

So here is #1. I think this wooden ring is really simple and beautiful, and at $22.50, it's pretty amazing for a handmade piece. I also love the reddish color. While I think this ring is great for a woman, Rob and Lean have so many options that would also be great for the men in your life - check out their shop:

Ok, I just couldn't resist posting a few more of their items!

cute rings, etsy rings, cute jewelry
cute rings, etsy rings, cute jewelrycute rings, etsy rings, cute jewelry

Have I told you about Lill Street and their Cute Bags?

Lill Street is an amazing design your own handbag boutique. They have locations in Chicago, Boston, and Kansas City, but they will also do in-home parties all over the country. You can also buy bags online. Or you can buy ready made bags.

Their fabrics are simply gorgeous and their prices are reasonable. The bags are really popular in Chicago (although none of them look alike) and I can say that they are very well constructed and look great in person. My friend even just picked up a used one at a thrift store - it looked brand new!

Ok, enough, I sound like a sales person, but I swear I'm not. I just love being able to customize the bags and they have such great fabrics (so great that they will sell you just the fabrics).

Check them out -