Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cute Cheap Jewelry

Just wanted to give you a quick list of where to look for Cute Cheap Jewelry - I always lose any jewelry I have, so I have learned to just buy lots of cheap stuff and not be sad when it is lost! - homemade goods, amazing, beautiful, creative and everything is unique. definitely a first stop - a younger look overall, definitely some great individual pieces for all ages!

H&M - Not much on their website, but this is a must for stocking up on fun pieces.

Forever 21 - a lot like H&M, but with a much better online site

Goodwill - so much fun to see what treasures there are, and for a good cause!

got any more you'd like to suggest?

3 comments: said...

great advice! I love adding more low priced items to my shop on etsy. it's the best site ever! yay etsy!

Hannah said...

i also like and

Cute earrings said...

Nice suggestions. Also check out