Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cute Cheap Jewelry

Just wanted to give you a quick list of where to look for Cute Cheap Jewelry - I always lose any jewelry I have, so I have learned to just buy lots of cheap stuff and not be sad when it is lost! - homemade goods, amazing, beautiful, creative and everything is unique. definitely a first stop - a younger look overall, definitely some great individual pieces for all ages!

H&M - Not much on their website, but this is a must for stocking up on fun pieces.

Forever 21 - a lot like H&M, but with a much better online site

Goodwill - so much fun to see what treasures there are, and for a good cause!

got any more you'd like to suggest?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cute Fall Accessories - Gray and Grey

I'm into gray this fall - gray (grey) with orange, gray with turquoise. Gray in unexpected places. Something about gray (grey) makes you looker harder, try and focus your eyes, notice more...

Available from Underoak Studios.

From RebeccaJeanette.

Cute Fall Accessories - Orange

Fall is coming and I am feeling very fally...and orange. I'm over chocolate brown and navy. I'm ready for some fall colors with a little more punch! I like a real warm orange like carnelian - this necklace is so simple, but I think it shows off the rich color. Although I might prefer gold over silver...

Available at MDesign's shop on Etsy.

Perhaps something a little bolder and golder might be even better - available at Gina O'Flynn's Creations on Etsy.