Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cute Long Gloves - I think you can pull it off...

I'm not that daring when it comes to my fashion choices - I prefer cute classics that aren't that trendy - but I think this new (or reborn) trend is something that I can pull off without looking over the top! I think I will pair them with a longer shirt though, just too make them a litte more subtle. Plus I like pirates and these have a bit of pirate fashion to them!

Anyhoo, from a true fashionista at Style Bytes - here are some great gloves. They are from H&M, no idea how much. From Style Bytes (who has a great site and is now added to the blogroll),

" When I got out of the store I tried the gloves on. Just for a few seconds. I kept doing that once in a while all the way home and back in the couch at home again. They made me feel so glamorous!"

By the way, does anyone else find the H&M website infuriating - can't I just see the clothes without a mountain of flash and all sorts of editorial.

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