Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cute Winter Accessories: 8 Handmade under $10.01

Whew - this one was tougher. This took lots of scouring, but here they are - eight hot winter accessories to keep you toasty. (ok, there are only 8, sorry, it was just taking so long!)

Today I contine my series of posts highlighting two of my favorite things - Handmadeness and Thrifiness. I still love esty, a sort of eBay for Handmade goods. There are even more fabulous deals on the site all made by real live people with incredible talent. Here are 8 amazing ones I found for $10 or under. Click on the pick to check out the listing - just imagine what you could get if you shelled out $20.


Ed said...

These are excellent value for money

Anonymous said...

I love the skull gloves. They would go perfect with the chip & pepper skull leggings i wore for halloween

Poops said...

Thanks for listing me as one of your favorites, and for the shout out on your blog! I have a bunch more mittens and fingerless mitts all under ten bucks being listed in the next week!